The Process of Transition: Reforming the Heart for Growth


Paul experienced perhaps the greatest transition ever recorded. Once an adversary of Jesus' followers, he became the great defender and teacher of the believers he previously persecuted.

"Transition - a word that has become a popular buzzword in our day - has been greatly misunderstood," according to Tavares Robinson. "Some equate transition with change, but the two words do not have the same meaning." Robinson details the process of the believer's transition as a necessary step for growth. He recalls a statement from a neighbor who is a pilot: "For us as pilots, it's all about the journey, but for passengers, it's all about the destination."


The Utopia of A Strange Love: When the Love of God is Misplaced


They are ubiquitous these days - eloquent, charismatic preachers, speakers, teachers, and evangelists who skillfully argue that the essential message of Christianity is love. But there are other fundamentals of being a follower of Christ that the popular preachers often ignore.The lack of teaching on it is not just misleading but dangerous. In this book, Pastor Robinson identifies, explores, and discusses the problem


Warnings from the Garden: Uncovering the Wiles of Deception


Deception used to be considered evil but not any longer - not when those who are called to live like Christ now openly justify and defend anti-Christian behavior. When the church follows the leadership of the culture and sacrifices historical biblical truths on the altar of relativism and trendiness, it becomes a twenty-first century version of Esau, a man who valued his current times over an eternal reward. Ignorance of biblical history—or in some cases, historical amnesia - has left the church vulnerable to the changing current of modern culture.


Shepherds, Hirelings and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference


Throughout the generations, false prophets and insincere teachers have pretended to have the best interests of God's people in mind. They claim they are human instruments who have received direct words of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. But in the final analysis, they do not represent God, and they harm the sheep often to the point of costing them their souls. Who are these deceitful shepherds and how can we distinguish a true shepherd from wolves in shepherd's clothing?




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